Whitney Knight-Rorie

EL Specialist

Whitney Knight Rorie
NBCT, M.A in English/Linguistics, B.S. in Secondary English Education, TESOL, and Spanish


Hello! My name is Whitney Knight-Rorie, and I'm the EL Instructional Specialist for DeSoto County Secondary Schools. Prior to leading teachers, I served as an EL teacher at Southaven Elementary for five years. I live in Southaven with my husband and love manatees, Mississippi State, roller coasters, and individualizing instruction! Please email me at any time in any language!

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About our Team

I could not be more lucky to work with our team of Secondary EL Teachers in DeSoto County! This group of teachers is committed to providing our English Learners with high quality language development instruction each and every day! Our teachers use Schoology to instruct traditional and virtual students in the domains of reading, writing, speaking, and listening based on English Language Development Standards. Students work toward and meet individualized language development goals while scheduled for the state-tested EL class.

Resources for Teachers

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